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David is a Maintenance Technician.  In order to claim this title you must have a vast knowledge of all service items in a household or commercial estate.  A maintenance technician must be able to service and maintain this equipment.  The common items requiring maintenance is the heating and cooling systems, pluming, electrical, building materials including flooring, walls, structure support and materials, paint, drywall, and windows.  Appliances are another requirement for maintenance.  Dishwashers, clothes washers, dryers, and their pluming and exhaust or duct systems.  So, most handymen have some knowledge of these systems but David has experience working in the maintenance department and been trained accordingly. This background of experience through the years gives David the desire to provide exceptional seamless service.


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Soughtout Service Inc provides handyman services in Folsom, California. While we specialize in residential properties, we also offer commercial services. We provide cost-effective solutions by completing tasks within a reasonable amount of time. Let us provide you with efficient, honest, and reliable service at a price that you can afford.

David Wateska

Our company, which was originally named Soughtout Maintenance and Repair Service, has been in business in Illinois since 1989. We started out as an auto mechanic service that diagnosed vehicles at clients' homes, and fixing them on the spot. Now, we serve Silicon Valley with home improvement services.

Our owner has always had a passion for helping others and offering handyman services. The son of a journeyman, he majored in Advanced Technical Studies as an undergraduate and worked on cars on the side to provide for his education before beginning Soughtout Maintenance and Repair Service in Illinois. After years of service in the military he relocated in Silicon Valley, CA where he continues his business of residential handyman service.  While in Silicon Valley he obtained a realtors license and works as a REALTOR® with Keller Williams which brings an informed perspective to repairs and renovations.

If you need a last-minute repair or are strategizing a remodel, text us to set up an appointment. If you are unable to text, call and leave a message, and we will respond quickly. We pride ourselves on being reliable and responsive to all of our customers.

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